A Girl Who Dances In Rain...

Ask me anything   Submit   I am so many things...I'm complex and uncomplicated...avant garde and traditional...elaborate and simple...elegant and "out there"...wise and sometimes foolish...emotional and logical...hot and cold...black and white...hard line and accommodating...I'm so many things. Yet, I'm simple...I'm just me. I dance like nobody's watching and love like it's never going to hurt. An ISTJ trying to make it in a world full of everyone else. ~The Girl Formerly Known As Ashlee



    “You are here to love and be loved, and the soul in its native intelligence knows this. Accept the magnitude of your function, and your reignited spiritual intelligence will spark your body’s intelligence as well. As your mind remembers its natural function, the cells of your body will remember theirs. You will no longer be at the effect of your compulsion. You will become a master at living your life.”

    —- From A Course in Weight Loss, Marianne Williamson

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